V čiernom lese... / In The Black Forest... 45 x 75 cm, textil, 2013
INFO 2013
The work of Vlasta Zakova is characteristic by using textile and atypically used technique of embroiling. Her program is based on widening the possibilities of this technique and its integration within the area of an open picture creation. The embroiled pictures in her version miss the familiarity with the textile designing or a design itself- as it is usual in such specialization.

Her works are from the formal or the content perception closer to the rather current tendencies in painting and drawing. As her motifs she usually chooses what directly concerns her, scenes from an everyday life, fragments of the witnessed events, stories which are sometimes interlaced with symbolic or fantasy features. In one part of her work she paraphrases the forms of the traditional embroiling, which carried mostly decorative and educational function in the past. We are not find any moralities, genre scenes or any naive flower ornaments in a typical round frames or on the decorative pillows.

She ironically re-embroils pre-exposed images of the wild parties, pictures of her friends drinking, moments of a decadent fun, simply pictures which we would never find behind the frames of our grandmothers. In a different position she focuses on more features of the processed material. In the pictures of abstract countries which are composed of piece of fabrics she sometimes reaches the space, but remains within the boundaries of the hanging picture.
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